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Young Justice Petition


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Alright followers, it was officially announced last week that Season 2 is  the LAST SEASON OF YOUNG JUSTICE. I’ve been trying to find the best way to gather support for the cause and came across this: helps people get their voices heard and someone has created a petition through it to save our beloved series. Even if you’re not a fan of the series, sign the petition for those of us who do love it. With the sliding quality of DC’s 52 series, I’ve dropped all but 2 of their books (Earth 2 and Flash, if you’re curious).  The Young Justice series, and it’s accompanying comic, are my only access into a quality DC Universe anymore – and with both of them coming to an end this summer, I’ll be forced to return almost solely to Marvel.

So, for all of those who love the series – or just wanna make me smile – sign the petition and let Cartoon Network know that you don’t wanna let this incredible series die.


Heroica: Ganrash Review


For those of you who read my post yesterday, you know that I’m very excited to say I finally have my very own Heroica: Ganrash set! Again, my thanks to both Mike and LEGO Jordan for their kindness.ganrash-30170

Ganrash is a quick, little add-on to the Heroica game that was sold as a polybag promo outside of the US. Though there is little official information on Ganrash, it’s thought to be a goblin encampment on the coast of Draida Bay. Which makes sense since both sets have goblins and a coastal look to them.

There’s no “boss” in the Ganrash add-on, just a Lv. 1 Goblin Warrior and Lv. 2 Goblin Guardian which, if connected to Draida Bay, give the small map a little more depth and challenge. Aside from the bonus Luck Potion, there is a new treasure item: the Blades of Bounty. These have a unique trait that makes the set a must-have. If you defeat a monster while the BoB are in your possession, you roll the die again for a bonus. If you roll the sword, you get 1 gold piece, the shield gives you 2 gold pieces, but rolling the skull or skull/sword earns you nothing.

There’s a lot of depth in this one little set, more than a larger expansion like its Draida Bay companion. Sadly, this may be the last of Heroica – rumor has it that they put an end to the series. And there were so many more areas they had yet to explore. I was hoping for a few more “terrain” sets like a volcano or snow/ice set. But that’s the fun of the game, and indeed LEGOs themselves: there’s always room for customization!

My Score: (A-) A great little addition to the game, and well worth the wait and frustration of trying to find one! The Blades of Bounty alone are worth the the purchase. My one complaint: I wish it were bigger!

A Good Day After A Bad Week

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Last week was a fairly miserable week for me. I worked a lot of long, early hours doing inventory while overcoming both a cold and delicate medical problem. And the weekend wasn’t much better. Not the least of which occurred was that my email account was hacked. After yet another long yesterday, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day of doing nothing but catching up on sleep and doing a bit of writing. So I was a little surprised to get a bit of good fortune in the mail today.

A few weeks ago, I got a comment from a new follower named Mike who asked some questions about Heroica: Ilrion. After some back and forth about the series and some creative modifications he could make to the series, he asked if I had managed to find the Ganrash expansion. I told him that I’d emailed Lego and never had a response. He offered to pick two of them up for me and even sent them to me free of charge.

So, many thanks again to Mike for his generous gift  (I’ll be thanking him again when I do the set review in the coming days).

But an equally nice surprise was delivered today along with Mike’s package. I got a small envelope from Lego with the following note inside:

Thanks for getting in touch with us in regards to the Lego Heroica board games. I too am a huge fan of these games and have created my own rules and boards to create more of a ‘D&D’ type feel for them. I was glad to get your email as I have not heard of this promotional expansion for the series.The bad news is that it was a promotional item that was not available in the United States. The good news is that we do have most of the pieces in still available (I had to substitute 2 of similar colors/instructions no longer in stock as well) and since you are such a fan of the Heroica series I am going to send them to you for free.

Happy building!
Jordan – LEGO Consumer Services

Enclosed with the note was a polybag filled with the pieces for the set with an invoice and link to a location I could download the instructions for building it.

What a great surprise! I wasn’t expecting an email, let alone a package from them. It’s reasons like this that I love LEGO and their products. They have amazing customer service and the few times that I’ve had to deal with them, I always had a pleasant experience.

So this post goes out to both Mike and Jordan who have given me a very nice day after a very miserable week. Thanks again guys!



Your Very Own Justice League (Part 2)


The other day, someone commented as to whether the custom Justice League team I posted was my own creation or a collaboration with my friend. I thought that, since people seemed to find the topic interesting, I’d post my friend’s choices as well. I reconfirmed them today, just to make certain that I didn’t forget any of  them.


Here are his picks: Atom (Ray Palmer, specifically) as leader, Hawkman, Troia, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Cyborg, and Dr. Light. And odd choice to have the Atom as leader – as far as I know, he’s never held that position before. We argued a bit over Troia, better known as Wonder Girl, but he convinced me that they have a different enough history  that she wasn’t a Wonder Woman variant. Plus, he did grant me Apollo – who was originally created as a knock-off of Superman…

While I Was Away…


I’m sure you’ve all seen this stuff already, but if not, you can thank me later. Lets start with Glee. They did an episode called “Dynamic Duets,” which as a superhero fan I thought might be pretty good. It was rather the opposite. With one small exception: the Mega Studs.

mega studs 1

Jake and Ryder in spandex singing “I am Superman” – yes, please! It was difficult to try and catch some good grabs from the crap “HD” version I was watching online, but  I tried my best.

mega studs 2

mega studs 3

Jake really has a great caboose, doesn’t he… He should wear spandex in more episodes. Alas, I don’t think that wardrobe choice will make it into the series. Anyway, here they are from the EW pictorials so you can get a better look:


A few episodes later, we were gifted with an amazing Christmas (err.. Hanukkah) present.

jake 1

Finally! Shirtless Jacob Artist. Here’s a close-up:

jake 2

Meanwhile, over on Ultimate Spider-Man they did an episode called “I am Spider-Man” in which MJ writes a musical about everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. However, Peter is snubbed for the roll of himself by none other than…

ult spid A

…a very off-key Flash Thompson. He may not be able to sing, but he looks good in the costume! While it was a funny little episode, my favorite part came when Peter gets a peek at the other Spidey stand-ins ahead of him:

ult spid B

Yep, we finally get a peek at the “Ultimate Spider-Man” version of the current Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales (aged about 4 years more if he’s supposed to be in Peter’s grade).

Later, in “Snow Day,” we get to see the team skip arctic training exercises and head to a private SHEILD island. About half of the episode features the crew in swimwear.

ult spid 1

ult spid 2

They look so A&F in this shot don’t they…ult spid 3

ult spid 4

ult spid 5

ult spid 7 ult spid 8

Well, I hope you all enjoyed. These are a few of the things I wanted to post while I was away.

Your Very Own Justice League


A friend at work and I were discussing our near-complete hatred of the new 52 and the direction the Justice League has taken. We are both looking forward to the release of Justice League of America next month and its interesting new line-up. In our talk, the subject of our own JLA came about with the stipulation that none of the cannon roster be used (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman) or any of their variants but any other character from any era, hero or villain, as long as they are owned by DC Comics is fair game.

Here is my team:

justice league

Apollo, Sandman, Captain Marvel, Starfire, Dr. Fate, Vixen, and Red Tornado.

What do you think? Who would be on your team given the same stipulations? I’d love to see who some other people would choose for their own Justice League team.

PS – it’s good to be back, I missed you all!!!

It’s coming…and going


Unfortunately, I am one of the people living in the path of “Frankenstorm,” so I’m not sure how long the power is going to hold out. I had planned a much larger post for tomorrow since I missed last week due to a last minute business trip, but I may not be able to post because of the storm. Here’s something to consider until my next post.

For fans of the Young Justice cartoon, here’s a little interesting news. For those who aren’t aware, this is going to be the FINAL SEASON! Sadly, yes, our beloved cartoon is going to end in Feb/March, along with Green Lantern, to be replaced by the new CGI Batman series and the return of Teen Titans, GO! Now as much of a fan of the campy TTG cartoon I was in the day, I’d much rather keep Young Justice on the air. I’m currently working out a plan for write-in/send-in petition to save the cartoon from being cancelled. If you’re interested in helping or have some suggestions or know of any other petitions, let me know!