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Custom Heroscape Catwoman


Meet Selina Kyle, one of the toughest ladies in Gotham City and one of the first custom characters on which I worked. I decided to post one of my Heroscape favorites first – she turned out amazing and she plays great. This is her card:

As you can see she has the fairly standard Phantom Walk ability as well as James Murphy’s Whip 12. I created the Steal ability to match her character and give her an edge in battle (something that has come in handy on more than one occasion). Her stats work out so she is like the traditional RPG thief: stealthy but only able to attack at close range.

She’s not C3G tested or approved, but – like ever other character I’m going to post – I’ve play-tested her with my game group to great success. For anyone interested, all of the cards were made by YodaJunkie based on my stats and abilities. He does great work so check out his eBay page and give the man some business! Stay tuned, there are a lot more to come.

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