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My First Heroscape Customs


It was a very sad day when I learned that Wizards of the Coast was going to start altering the Heroscape figures to make them more compatible with their D&D line of minis. Although many argued against it in the forums, I foresaw this as the “shark jumping” moment for my beloved game.

But rather than pack it in and find a new game I decided to take the customization route and make my own figures to keep my games fresh and exciting. There are many, many great custom-makers out there but my favorite remains YodaJunkie. He made my first pair and, while I now do the figures myself, he continues to put up with my OCD and make the cards.

So who was this first pair that started my obsession? Well, I decided to start with a pair from my favorite Marvel comic, The Young Avengers: Hulkling and Wiccan! I had originally planned to get all four of the original YA’s (Patriot and Iron lad, as well) but had to wait on the rest until he restocked them.

So here we are, a great pair of characters and I planned their abilities around working together on the battlefield. Hulkling’s Chivalry allows him to take the hits instead of Wiccan while Wiccan’s Encouragement gives him a power boost in return.

At the time, Family Matters had just hit the shelves so I gave Hulkling the Dubious Bloodline ability to reflect his ties and make him useful to two additional units I’ll reveal in the future. They’ve done great for me in battle, but when one gets taken out, the other falls close behind.

*Just one more note, the point values for all of my Marvel and DC cards use Marvel Heroscape¬† stats as the baseline instead of the “Classic” Heroscape stats.

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