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Custom Heroscape Patriot


Ah, Eli Bradley grandson of the original Captain America, Isaiah Bradley – one of the founders and one of my favorites. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite Young Avenger, Allan Heinburg infuses each of them with so much life that they feel like someone you might know. FYI, poor Eli’s addiction to MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) so he could be a superhero like his grandfather was inspired by Allan’s own steroid abuse.

I wanted Patriot to feel like a lower point-cost Captain America without just halving all of Cap’s stats and special abilities. Surmount is great for taking on an opponent’s unit single-handed, and combined with Overextend Attack can really do some damage. I originally planned to give him a Throwing Star ability to give him some range, but opted instead for One Shield Defense, to play up the shield aspect. In the end it was a better choice, that move has saved him from certain death on several occasions.

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