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What I’m reading this week


Well, yesterday, I got my new order from Horizon Comics in the mail. Yes, unfortunately since I live in a rural area and I no longer have a “local” comic shop I need to order the bulk of my comics online (unless I have the free time to run to the closest one a few towns away). For the most part it’s easier for me to wait and buy the collected graphic novel of certain events but if there is something that I really want to read I’ll buy the single issues now.

Justice League of America #57

I’ve really been enjoying the new JLA of late. It’s the most unusual collection of heroes that I’ve ever seen on the team and I am really enjoying the dynamic. Dick is playing Batman, Donna is filling in for Wonder Woman, and Supergirl has replaced Superman’s red booties – add into the mix the Blue Lantern Saint Walker, a slowly-depowering Jesse Quick, and (my personal favorites) the Congorilla and Starman repartee.

This is Part 4 of the “Rise of Eclipso” saga. For those who aren’t currently reading it, Eclipso is back and he has taken control of all the shadow-powered heroes and villains of Earth and launched an attack on the Alan Scott’s Emerald City hidden on the dark side of the moon. The JLA respond, which is exactly what he wanted because he needs Jade and her connection to the Starheart for his nefarious plans.

This issue those plans are finally revealed to Bruce Gordon (and us) through his inner monologue with Eclipso: he plans to bring about the End of Days and destroy God. Uh…what!?! Yeah, the JLA book has now gone all His Dark Materials on us and whipped out the “lets kill God” card. Wow, as much as I am loving this team, I almost want the DC reboot to happen now. The issue ends with Eclipso killing the Spectre and destroying the moon to release an unrevealed red something from it’s core.And leaving me wondering if I want to pick up the next issue.

X-Factor #220

Much like the current JLA team, I heart the current X-Factor lineup. And I’ve especially been enjoying the the Shatterstar/Rictor/Rahne triangle of events. For anyone not reading this: Shatterstar and Rictor have (after many years of fan speculation) finally hooked-up only for everything to come to question when Rahne reveals she’s preggers with Rictor’s baby. Of course it’s not really Rictor’s child but Hrimhari – the Wolf Prince of Asgard.

This issue starts off with Rahne going for a a walk in the rain and meeting Shatterstar doing his best Gene Kelly after watching a musicals marathon on AMC. They have a heart-to-heart but before things can be resolved they sense something unusual at a church and decide to investigate. A sin-eater reveals that Rahne’s unborn child is a bridge between realms and it’s impending birth is dissolving the barrier. After refusing to allow the demon to take her child, she and Shatterstar fight it off  yet it manages to escape promising that more of her kind will come.

It’s a really interesting storyline and Peter David has been holding my attention for quite a while now – I’m very disappointed with the art, though. Paul Davidson’s style just doesn’t do it for me. The heads seems disproportionately large as do the facial features and some of the positions the characters were in while fighting seemed really unnatural – even for a comic.

Avengers Academy #14.1

I haven’t been reading this comic, in fact it’s the first issue that I’ve read, period. But Marvel promises this is a good jumping on point for anyone new to the series. And I gotta say, that’s a big ole’ fib. I still have no idea what’s going on or the events that they are referring to because I need to go back and read the first 13 issues. Jumping on point, bah!

After that previous statement this one is going to sound really strange: I really did kinda like it. Reptil is a character I’ve been enjoying since they pulled him off the Superhero Squad cartoon and into the mainstream – and the other characters seem just as likeable. This issue makes me want to pick up the series from the start and find out more about these kids, where they came from, and more importantly, where they are going.


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