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My First Custom Heroscape Squad


Well, I’ve already posted about my first Heroscape figures so I thought I would post about the first custom squad that I created. Not long after hooking up with YodaJunkie as my card maker, one of my friends and fellow gamers started to buy his pre-made figures from e-Bay. Whenever we would have a “Custom Battle” his first choice was Master Chief. He was (and still is) a huge fan of the games, but I didn’t get hooked until I borrowed his copy of Halo Legends.

Anyway, after watching it the first time I started thinking about the Halo Actionclix and the possibilities they held for Halo Legend inspired characters – especially someone who could take on his beastly Master Chief. Long(er) story short, this was one of the outcomes:


Introducing the ODST Helljumpers from The Babysitter story: O’Brien, Cortez, Dutch and Checkman (who, sadly, dies at the start). I wanted them to be a simple and cheap 3-man add-on to a Spartan team but powerful enough to hold their own. Orbital Drop is the same power used by the classic Airborne Elite squad while Concentrated Fire is a play on the Zettian Guards’ Targeting ability.

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