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Custom Heroscape Hal Jordan


In honor of the Green Lantern movie’s release tomorrow, I’ve decided to show off some my newest custom figures: The Green lantern Corp. Today I’ll be starting with the original (OK, so Alan Scott is the original original) Green Lantern – Hal Jordan.

I’ve got to be honest, of all of the figures that I have worked on, the Green Lanterns had to have been the most difficult to work out. I really wanted to showcase the Power Ring and their ability to make constructs – it was a long road and it took lots of playtesting and retooling to get them were they needed to be.

Emerald Energy is the key power to all of the Lanterns. It’s slightly modified to combine my original wording with the “official” C3G version.  The next trick was balancing the attack and defense with the ability – I didn’t want him to be too strong that he was unbeatable yet still show that he wields one of the most powerful objects in the DCU (until this reboot-thing at least…). Once Hal was set, the rest of the Corp fell into place around him.

In addition he has the traditional Stealth Flying ability as well as Energy Shield Deflection. The deflection ability has worked wonders on the battlefield, but I do tend to overuse it and lose my Energy markers! So there we go, the first member of the Corps – if I have the time, I may just turn it into a Green weekend and post some more.

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