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Heroica: Nathuz & Draida Review


As promised, I am continuing the review of the Lego: Heroica games as I buy them. After seeing Green Lantern (see yesterday’s post), I swung by Target to grab a few much needed items. As I mentioned in the review of Fortaan, I’ve been randomly checking the local stores for quite a while and it looks like they are finally hitting the shelves in my area. They had 3 of the 4 sets on hand so picked up Nathuz and Draida.

Draida Bay is the least expensive of the four – retailing at $14.99 – and is also the smallest. Unlike the others, this one is for only 2 players and plays at about 7 minutes. You get a boat, a waterfall, more goblins, and the Crystal of Deflection – not impressed. There’s no new character added, simply the Barbarian and Wizard, and no weapons…at all. Not one. No treasure or chests and one measly Life potion. They couldn’t even be bothered to give you the same Life Bar as in the other sets – it’s “cheap:” just two blocks with the red health pieces. Disappointing, especially if this is the first set you have access to, and there is no incentive to buy this set over the others, or at all.

So, I opened Nathuz Caverns with lowered expectations – and they were shattered! Forget about the fact that you get the Thief, or fight bats and golems. Check out the box cover for a minute and look at the sweet bat-mouth “cave.” I don’t know how I missed seeing that. You also get torches as a collectable item which let you move an extra space to what was rolled but is dropped if you take a hit. There are also obstacles in the form of rock piles that need a certain die roll to be overcome. Top all that off with the Scepter of Summoning, the quest item – which allows you to return a defeated monster to the game board to slow down your friends – and you have one great expansion set.

MY SCORES: Nathuz (A-) A great expansion to add some game play to Fortaan or perfect starter as a stand-alone set.

Draida (D) I say skip this one unless you want some extra (mediocre) tiles or are a compulsive completest like I am.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    11/19/2012 6:45 PM

    Thank you for the Heroica reviews! This helps in my decision-making.

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