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Heroica: Waldurk Review


Well, despite my hectic schedule this week, I still managed to find time to run to Target and pick-up the last of the Lego: Heroica sets – Waldurk Forest. (Finally, my OCD can take a break.)

This was one of the sets that I was most looking forward to buying ( along with Fortaan Castle), but sadly it does not live up to my expectations. On the positive side, I love the enchanted forest theme and details in the “ruins,” like the broken statue, are great. And this set has some of the best microfigs: werewolves, the Dark Druid (who I originally thought was a ghost), and the Ranger. Even the mission item, the Chalice of Life – which restores 1 wound marker when you roll a Shield – is a nice addition.

Where the gameplay suffers is in the magic door gimmick. Along the pathways there are “magic pools” that allow the player to move a magical door to another location. Inventive, yes, but it only really works if you are playing against the other players. When you are working cooperatively they become little more than annoyance as your friend will have to backtrack because the door you moved now blocks their path. In the end, I used the terrain sans the doors and liked it much more.

I am also saddened by the fact that they have included yet another Barbarian in this set (making it available in each set). Sure they included him as the Melee option, but it shows poor planning on the design team’s part to make only 2 of the 6 figures Melee and have one of them (the Thief) be rare. I now have more Barbarians than I do werewolves or golems!

MY SCORE: (B-) All in all, I have mixed feeling about this set. On the plus side I’m loving the new figures and terrain, but I’m hating the gameplay.

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