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Custom Heroscape Batman


I’ve been looking back at some of my older posts and decided that, since I’ve already posted Catwoman, I should post Batman as well. He’s one of my favorites, but was a very difficult character to design. With a belt full of gadgets and more skills than a swiss army knife has tools, its no small wonder why!

So I settled on his two most valuable and well know tools of the trade: the Batarang and the Grapple Gun. The Grapple Gun ability is based on Sgt. Drake’s Grapple Arm and gives Batman a great movement booster, especially when using “urban terrain” like the building ruins to gain some height advantage. The Batarang Special Attack gives Batman some much needed range and allows him to hit multiple targets in one move – something I’ve used with great success.

I also added Hide In Darkness, a move first used with Darrak Ambershard, I believe. It adds to Batman’s “creep-through-the-shadows” personality and gives him a defense bonus when standing on a shadow tile. The downside to this ability is that you have to have shadow tiles on the board to use it, and not all of the maps I play on utilize them.

Of all of the characters I’ve had, none are the consummate survivor that Batman is – another trait that follows from comic book to gameboard.

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