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My Transformer


I know I just posted the review for Transformers: Dark of the Moon a few hour ago, but I’ve decided to do another Transformers-related post. If you haven’t noticed the new link in the sidebar then check out my friend Team Decepticon and the other guys over at 5AwesomeTransformerGuys. Their most recent discussion is about what kind of Transformer you would be. While I don’t personally want to be a Transformer myself, I have thought up an original character and storyline for my partner…

Meet Soundburn and Reverb. Soundburn was once a Decepticon communications officer trained by and working alongside Soundwave. Tired of being under Megatron’s heel, he quit the Decepticons (hence the scratched out logo on his belt) and fled Cyberton. After drifting through space in “sleep mode,” he arrived on Earth shortly after the Autobots and Decpticons awoke and began their war anew.

Disgusted that he could not escape the war, even on Earth, he went into hiding – refusing to choose a side. He is captured by Old Snake (from my favorite episode Being Human) to be disassembled for his Cybertron technology. He is freed by a young scientist and the two disappear together in the underground working against Old Snake, the Decpeticons, and at times even the Autobots. Using him as a template, the scientist crafts sonic-based Cybertronian weapons (the Sonic Revolver and Shattersword pictured) and takes the name Reverb.

Soundburn’s vehicle-mode is a midnight blue Dodge Viper SRT with a sick sound system which has been upgraded by Reverb to produce a sonic shield, sonic shatter-blasts, transmission jamming, echolocation, and sound-bending stealth mode. Reverb has been trained under him to shoot with marksman-like aim from a distance, but in tight spaces the Shattersword (made from a Marvel-ous vibrating metal) can cut through anything.

So, what do you think? I’d love some constructive feedback and I’d also like to know what you – my fabulous followers – would be if you were/had a Transformer.


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