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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review


Yes, I know that it has been out for a week now, but due to my hectic holiday work schedule today was my first free time to see it. This was one of the three big movies I wanted to make sure I saw in theaters this summer (the other two being Green Lantern and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2) so I made sure to hustle out to the first showing on my day off. My brother and a lot of my friends are  BIG Transformer fans and I (by proxy) am as well, I suppose – though I prefer the original 80’s series and toys over anything else.


After the horrendous second film, I had high expectations for Dark of the Moon to renew my faith in the movie franchise. I’ve been in a media blackout for about a month now and haven’t been reading or watching reviews so that everything would be a surprise. And boy was I surprised! Sentinel Prime a traitor working with Megatron!?! Ironhide bites it!?! One-armed Optimus!?! No Megan Fox!?!

OK, so that last one I knew about for quite a while. And thank goodness she is finally gone. I am much happier with Carly Spencer as Spike’s new girlfriend – she’s 10 times sexier (extra points for a British accent) and can actually act, plus I like the nod to old series. I’m thrilled they kept his parents as well – his mother is a riot and steals the scene every time she’s on screen – though I am glad they are only bit parts this time around.

Sadly they kept some of the more annoying characters – Agent Simmons is back (again) and thankfully upstaged by his over-the-top personal aide, Dutch (played by Alan Tudyk of Firefly fame) and National Intelligence Agent Mearing (Frances McDormand) – both a nice addition to the Universe. They also kept Wheelie, the annoying remote-controlled truck from the second film, and gave him an equally annoying partner named Brains, who turns into a laptop. There are only 10 Autobots left on Earth and these are two of them? Really?

On the flip side, Shockwave was as amazingly bad-ass here as in the comics and cartoons, though a bit underplayed. And I was glad they increased Sideswipes part as well – I love the scene where he’s “skating” backwards shooting at the Decepticons chasing Sentinel Prime. Sadly, minutes later it’s revealed Sentinel Prime is working with Megatron and kills Ironhide (and nearly Bumblebee) before stealing the pillars and escaping.

Things go crazy after that: a gateway to the moon is opened to bring a slumbering army of Decepticons to Earth, the Autobots are banished from the planet and thought dead, Carly’s boss is revealed to be working for Megatron, and pillars are being launched all over the globe to create a portal that will bring Cybertron to Earth! Of course the Autobots faked their death, save the day with the help of NEST, and Optimus looses and arm battling Sentinel Prime and Megatron.

And then it ends. Just like that. For this being the supposedly final film I was hoping for some resolution: like the Autobots all return to Cyberton but leave the bridge open to maintain relations with Earth. Or something. Anything. It just seemed to end with no farewell or “thanks for watching and making Micheal Bay even richer despite the last film.” So I wonder if it truly is the end…


It was a great time, I almost wish I had seen it in 3D (but my eyes are thanking me) for the action scenes, the 2 1/2 hours flew by – there was just so much going on that I didn’t notice how long it was. If this truly is the final film then it definitely went out with an action packed bang.

MY SCORE: (B-) It was a great, action-packed ride with enough humor to keep it balanced. I just wish they would have sent Wheelie packing like they did Megan Fox.

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  1. 07/05/2011 8:37 PM

    cool man, thanks for the post.

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