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My Movie Transformer


I’ve decided to unofficially make it “Transformers Week” seeing as I posted the movie review and my fan art creation yesterday. Well, while I was looking for Soundburn yesterday I also came across another Transformer I had drawn quite a while ago. This one was for a character creation contest one of the fan sites was having for Revenge of the Fallen (I think you could win tickets and a bunch of movie toys) to invent an original Autobot or Decepticon for the movie.

This is Terror-Trax, a Decepticon tracker with an array of sensors and visions that allow her to scan for her target’s trail. Perched on her arm is Sky-Spy, her “pet” falcon, who searches from above and relays the images directly into her head. She’s a head hunter and collects trophies from her victims (bolts or gears that she keeps as a “charm bracelet”). Her vehicle mode is a black ATV (with Sky-Spy transforming from the seat portion).

I went with a female character because there are so few of them in the Transformer’s universe and only one Decepticon I can think of – Black Arachnia. I thought it might be nice to have her so obsessed with hunting down the Autobots because she wants Megatron to notice her for “romantic” reasons. I even purposely put the Decepticon logo on her crotch-plate as if she’s got Megatron’s name tattooed in her naughty place. (Wait, do Transformers have naughty places?)

Well, that’s my movie Transformer. Sadly she didn’t win or place in the top 5, but I thought she was a great character anyway. Let me know what you think and feel free to share you own fan creations as well!

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