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Custom Heroscape Superboy


One of my favorite comic characters of all time is Conner Kent (aka – Superboy). He’s a character I went through my teenage years with, following his adventures from the Death of Superman to Hawaii to his most current residence in Smallville. I’ve really enjoyed the most recent incarnation following his return from the dead (after Superboy Prime killed him off) and how he’s dealing with being part Superman, part Luthor. Anyway, here he is – the Boy of Steel: Superboy!

Having not yet posted Superman’s card, it’s a little hard to see how he matches up to the rest of the DC customs. Stealth Flying is standard among the Kryptonian characters as is Heat Vision Special Attack. Those are two of the iconic Superman powers and both translate well into the game. Flying gives him a great movement bonus around the battlefield and heat vision allows him to attack from a distance, something that comes in handy when fighting someone with Kryptonite!

TK Shield is custom to Superboy, and a nice defense bonus to any friendly figures close by. He’s used his tactile-telekinetic power several times in comics, to make non-superpowered character temporarily bulletproof, and I wanted something like that in the game figure as well.

It may seem odd that he’s classified as Sidekick but, again, having not posted any of the other Teen Titans it makes better sense in the grand scheme of what I planned out. I’m not sure who/what I’ll be posting next but stay tuned – now that I’m done (read: pre-editing done) with my book I’ll have some time to get my posting schedule back on track.

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