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First of the 52


Today’s the day – the first issue of the first series of the revamped DC Universe hits the news stands. As my faithful readers are already aware, I am far, far away from my “local” comic shop so I was forced to order Justice League #1 from my online favorite (Horizon Comics). The issue, along with several others, shipped today, so this weekend look for my review of the new issue. And stay tuned all this month as I review several of the other titles as well. As a heads-up, here are the titles I’ll be getting (at least the first issue) and the release dates.

Aug 31: Justice League

Sept 7: Action Comics, Justice League International

Sept 14: Grifter, Legion Lost, Suicide Squad, Superboy

Sept 21: Legion of Super-Heroes, Red Hood & the Outlaws, Supergirl

Sept 28: Blackhawks, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Superman, Teen Titans

For those not counting, that’s only 14 of the 52 titles available! I wish I could get them all – and maybe, if I hear good reviews from my friends, I will – but for now these are the few I will picking-up this month.

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