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Custom Heroscape Joker


After a long night working on new character stats for my custom Heroscape figures, I decided to post another of my cards – everyone’s favorite Clown Prince of Crime: The Joker!

Ah, the Joker – arguably Batman’s greatest foe. When designing him I had to make sure that he would be challenging enough when facing the Dark Knight. Initially, it was a toss-up between Laughing Gas and Acid Spray (two of his trademark tools), in the end the Laughing Gas Special Attack won out because it has the potential to do more harm to more characters, something the Joker would approve of. It’s tough to pull off, but if you can hit that lucky dice roll it can take out even the heaviest hitters like Superman. Hard to Kill was a last minute addition, but I really wanted something that spoke to the Joker’s  seeming immortality – no matter how badly he gets beaten by the Bat, he comes back again and again and again.


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