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What I’m reading this week


As promised, here is my review of the new Justice League #1 and the other comics I bought this week. As usual, beware of spoilers.

Justice League #1

A new era has begun – or re-begun – for the Justice League. First, two things to note: One, the title is no longer Justice League of America and two, this story takes place five years before the start of the other new 52 comics that will premiere later this month.

Despite the awesome cover, you are only introduced to 4 characters in this issue: Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) who are the focus of the story, Superman, and Vic Stone (not yet Cyborg). I’m really interested in reading the origin of Cyborg, it’s one I’m familiar with but never had a chance to read myself. He’s a high school football star with every recruiter beating down the door to sign him, but on the flip side he has an absentee father more interested in superheroes than his son. But that’s just a side story.

The core storyline follows Batman chasing what appears to be one of Darkseid’s parademons
through the streets of Gotham while also being hunted by the GCPD. Who should he encounter but Green Lantern who thinks that the Batman is an urban legend. I’m loving the banter between the two – a very paranoid Bruce vs. the ever-cocky Hal. The issue ends with the unlikely duo heading to Metropolis to query the alien Superman, who they believe may have information about what’s going on, and what may be the first Batman/Superman fight of the reboot next issue.

It was a great story and despite my misgivings over the reboot, I’m really interested in seeing what happens next. I just hope that they can A) Keep up the momentum, and B) Carry this through on the other 51 books.

Journey Into Mystery 626.1

I haven’t been reading all of the Fear Itself storyline, just the bits following the reborn Loki. Let me start off by saying, gimmick or not, I love the new kid Loki. I won’t launch into how or why he became a kid (I’m just glad he’s no longer a chick), but since his return he’s been butting heads with nearly every Asgardian he meets. Thor is his constant protector and the only friend that he has, much to the disdain of the others.

In this issue, Loki decides to use an ancient spell to invoke a Teller, an otherworldly creature that shows the true feelings of anyone you wish. After seeing the Warriors Three, Sif, and Odin’s reactions to his rebirth, he’s had enough. But the Teller won’t go without his “payment,” namely Loki’s life. I really feel for him, he has no idea why everyone hates him (well maybe a little) but realizes that he is being judged solely on his former misdeeds when he was “someone else.”

This is a great stand-alone issue, but you may be a little lost if you haven’t been following his story thus far. This is the last issue of JIM following the Loki storyline, but I’ve heard rumors that he will be joining the Young Masters of Evil to fight my favorite team post-Children’s Crusade. While I’d rather see him remain on the side of the angels, any chance to follow his struggle will be an enjoyable read.


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