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The Mysterious Hooded Woman


Okay, so many of you may or may not know that hidden in every #1 issue of the new 52 DC comics is a mysterious woman in a hooded cloak typically seen with a glowing red aura around her head/body. She made an appearance at the end of Flashpoint #5 and has now returned to the DCnU to keep an eye on the flow of the new universe. I didn’t even know to look for her until my friend mentioned that she was seen in Justice League and Action Comics. So I played Where’s Waldo with MHW and did indeed find her hiding out in all 9 of the issues I’ve purchased so far. Here’s a list of where to find her (since there are no page numbers):

Justice League – in the stands at Cyborg’s game

Action Comics – on the train with Lois and Jimmy

Stormwatch – in the alley behind Apollo

Justice League International – in the mob behind Booster Gold

Static Shock – outside the window of Virgil’s house (this was the hardest one to find)

Grifter – floating outside the costume shop

Superboy – on the landing bay with the Templar

Suicide Squad – behind Deadshot in the torture chamber

Legion Lost – on the street during Alastor’s attack

There you have it, the Week One and Two locations of the books I have. If anyone would like to share more from those two weeks feel free to comment. I will be posting the subsequent weeks as I read them. The question now is: Who is MHW? Is she a familiar face or someone totally new? A friend or a foe? I heard mention she may be a revamped Harbinger – if so can we expect more from the Crisis? I guess we just have to keep reading.

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