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Mysterious Hooded Woman: Week 4


Alright, this one is going to be quick but I really wanted to bust out the first post on my new laptop. Week Four of the new 52 is here and gone and marks the end of the new #1 issues. As usual, MHW was hiding out in the issues, but she’s getting worse at hiding or I’m getting better at finding her because this week she seemed to jump right off the page.

Blackhawks – behind the man taking the picture

Superman – at the new Daily Planet dedication dinner

Green Lantern: New Guardians – behind Dylan’s mom

Teen Titans – in the woods when Cassie is pulled-over

There you have it, the hiding spots for Week Four. I usually don’t post them until after the reviews, but I won’t be posting those until tomorrow and I wanted to get these out tonight. So tune in tomorrow for the reviews (even though you already know what I’ve got)!


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