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Out n Out Heroes


I loved Heroes, especially the first season, when it was on the air and even now I get nostalgic for it and watch it on DVD. And while it was called Heroes, one of my main reasons for watching the show would have to be for Sylar played by Zachary Quinto. I must admit that I’ve had a bit of a crush on him since I first saw him. Today I was catching up on my news and current event and saw that he came out, very casually, in a recent article. Normally this isn’t blog worthy for me – a person’s sexuality (no matter their fame) shouldn’t be the focus of media attention. But what struck a chord for me, and made me want to post this on my blog, was the reason why he chose to came out.

About a month ago, a 14-year-old boy from New York named Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide after years of being bullied in school for being gay. Sadly, there are too many stories like this in the news anymore – and gay teens, while the majority, are not the only ones taking their own life. It seems that Jamey’s death inspired Zachary Quinto to come out and speak out again bullying. The story gained media success, after all he is a big celebrity now post-Heroes and in the midst of the Star Trek revamp (playing Spock). It seems that his coming-out story inspired Dan Kloeffler, a news anchor for ABC Wold News Now, to come out as well…on live television.

Has this sparked a trend? Will more closed celebrities dare to make that same announcement in the name of equality and justice? It’s sort of like gay-it-forward (pardon the pun) having one nonchalant outing cause another and another and another, etc. I pray for a day of equality, when there is no longer a need for closet doors and a person is judged by who they are not what they are.

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