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New Sets for 2012


The year is nearly over and a new one is soon upon us. And with the dawning of 2012 will come a truckload of new Lego sets. Here are a few of the new one’s that are making me anxious for the new year to begin.

Series 6 Minifigures

A genie, Roman Legionnaire, minotaur, Highland warrior, and leprechaun are looking good for the new set.

Series 7 Minifigures

The space marine, Mayan, Neptune, black knight, viking maiden, and Tarzan seem like great additions for the collection.

Ninjago’s New Look

The Ninjago theme is putting a new spin on it’s popular line (pun intended). Instead of fighting skeletons it looks like they will be facing Snake-Men called the Venomari. I like the look of the ninjas and snake-people as well as the mean machines they’re bringing for battle.

9440 Venomari Shrine

9441 Kai’s Blade Cycle

9442 Jay’s Storm Fighter

9443 Rattlecopter

9444 Cole’s Thread Assault

9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush

9446 Destiny’s Bounty

6860 The Batcave

The is one of the sets I’m most excited about. In fact there is an entire line coming out next year of both Marvel and DC sets. I’ve seen the minifigures and they look great, but the Batcave is the first complete set that I’ve seen thus far. As they are revealed, I’ll be posting the set pics and better quality pics I can find of the figures.

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