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20 Favorite Cartoon Characters


In honor of 11-11-11 quickly approaching, and since a) my lists seem to be the most popular thing on my blog and b) my lucky number is 11, I’ll be doing 11 days of my favorite things. First up, CARTOONS!


19. Gir

18. Frosta

17. Matrix

16. Master Shake

15. Mandy

14. Gwen Tennyson

13. Lion-O

12. Bumblebee

11. Randy Marsh

10. Roger, the Alien

9. Terry McGinnis

8. Donatello

7. Soundwave

6. Zuko

5. Eric Cartman

4. Starscream

3. Daria Morgandoffer

2. Spike Spiegel

1. Samurai Jack

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