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Favorite Pokemon (by Type)


You may be curious as to why no pokemon made the list yesterday when it’s my favorite video game. The reason is, that there are just so many that need their own list! Rather than do another Top Ten breakdown, I thought I would switch things up and give you list of my favorite by type.

Bug – Scyther

Favorite Moves: Fury Cutter (Bug) X-Scissor (Bug) Razor Wind (Flying) Air Slash (Flying)

Dark – Umbreon

Favorite Moves: Confuse Ray (Ghost) Torment (Dark) Faint Attack (Dark) Assurance (Dark)

Dragon – Rayquaza

Favorite Moves: Outrage (Dragon) Dragon Pulse (Dragon) Crunch (Dark) Hyper Beam (Normal)

Electric – Pachirisu

Favorite Moves: Spark (Electric) Discharge (Electric) Super Fang (Normal) Charge Beam (Electric)

Fighting – Lucario

Favorite Moves: Aura Sphere (Fighting) Dragon Pulse (Dragon) Drain Punch (Fighting) Bone Rush (Ground)

Fire – Charizard

Favorite Moves: Dragon Claw (Dragon) Flamethrower (Fire) Fire Spin (Fire) Wing Attack (Flying)

Flying – Pidgeot

Favorite Moves: Fly (Flying) Air Slash (Flying) Whirlwind (Flying) Twister (Dragon)

Ghost – Golurk

Favorite Moves: Shadow Punch (Ghost) Earthquake (Ground) Night Shade (Ghost) Hammer Arm (Fighting)

Grass – Treeko

Favorite Moves: Giga Drain (Grass) Energy Ball (Grass) Bullet Seed (Grass) Slam (Normal)

Ground – Sandslash

Favorite Moves: Sandstorm (Rock) Sand Tomb (Ground) Dig (Ground) Rollou (Rock)

Ice – Articuno

Favorite Moves: Ice Shard (Ice) Ice beam (Ice) Hail (Ice) Aerial Ace (Flying)

Normal – Eevee

Favorite Moves: Sand Attack (Ground) Quick Attack (Normal) Take Down (Normal) Bite (Dark)

Poison – Beedrill

Favorite Moves: Poison Jab (Poison) Toxic Spikes (Poison) Pin Missile (Bug) Pursuit (Dark)

Psychic – Mew

Favorite Moves: Transform (Normal) Aura Sphere (Fighting) Psychic (Psychic) Barrier (Psychic)

Rock – Golem

Favorite Moves: Rock Smash (Fighting) Earthquake (Ground) Stone Edge (Rock) Rock Blast (Rock)

Steel – Steelix

Rock Tomb (Rock) Iron Tail (Steel) Sandstorm (Ground) Dragon Breath (Dragon)

Water – Milotic

Hydro Pump (Water) Surf (Water) Ice Beam (Ice) Captivate (Normal)

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