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10 Favorite Board Games

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Alrighty, we’ve done video games, now on to board games. As anyone who follows me knows, I am a regular board game geek. So here they are, the ten games I love to play on game night.

10. Magic: The Gathering

9. Rocketmen

8. Heroclix

7. Monopoly

6. Lego Heroica

5. Clue

4. VS (Marvel or DC)

3. The Game of Life: Star Wars – A Jedi’s Path

2. Munchkin Quest

And number one, as if it’s a surprise to anyone…

1. Heroscape

Though it’s no longer in production, Heroscape and it’s various expansions are still a game I enjoy playing to this day. Like any true Scaper, I keep my games alive by making custom cards and figures (which you can see some of on the site).

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