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Lego Heroica Updates

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As anyone who follows my blog knows, I am a big fan of RPG boardgames ( especially Heroscape) and I’ve fallen for the Lego Game series, Heroica, that was released last summer. I know a lot of people refer to it as D&D lite but it really is a fun game and completely customizable for any age. Anyway, I was thrilled to find out that they are releasing new expansions this summer and possibly more in the future.

This is the official map of Heroica from The gold dots represent the four sets already released: the castle, forest, cavern, and bay. However, there are now five additional locations:

– The Barresh Settlements to the north are the home of the Barbarians.

– Drandora Port to the far south is the home of the Rogue where the rich and poor put aside their struggles to fight a common enemy.

– Ilrion in the west, a farm land besieged by monsters.

– The Gates of Elsruck, last line of defense from the invading armies. And…

– Seldaan Village, home of the rebel alliance.

Currently Ilrion is the only location listed as a set for release in July/August 2012, but I have high hopes that the other four will be announced later for release either this summer or later in the year. Also of note for release is a polybag expansion for the game titled Ganrash. It is not a location listed on the map but as you can see below it appears to be a goblin outpost of sorts. Gold daggers, a luck potion, and two more goblins make this a nice little add-on for any of the sets, especially the one-note Draida Bay.

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