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Ultimate Spider-Man #6


I just got my bi-monthly stash in the mail today. A few good reads, but one I was really looking forward to was Ultimate Spider-Man #6. Where do I even start? Perhaps letting you read the e-mail I sent to Marvel…

“Dear Marvel-
I just wanted you to know that I am a big fan of the new Ultimate Spider-Man series. It was a risk to kill-off an iconic character like Peter Parker and replace him with an unknown, but Miles has quickly found a place as one of my favorite characters. That being said, what happened with issues #6? The story itself was great but made almost unreadable by the HORRIFIC interior “artwork” by Chris Samnee. It was so distractingly awful that I actually had to re-read nearly the entire book because I couldn’t focus on the story. Time to find a better artist or Ultimate Spider-Man is going to die twice.

A little harsh? Maybe – but the issue had AMAZING artwork for the first five issue and now drops off to crap with no warning. Comics are a duel medium that rely on both story and artwork to tell the tale. Great artwork can usually save a crappy story, but it’s difficult for a great story to save crappy artwork. This seems to be a recurring trend with Marvel lately. I only read 3 books, but other geeks in my circle are complaining about the recent drop-off in quality art for some of the non-core books (FF and Avengers Academy are two that spring to mind). Did all of the good artists get pulled to work on the six new X-Men books or did they flock to DC for the new 52? Either way, Marvel needs to seriously reconsider some their artist choices of late.

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