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We got Skrulls


I was pretty sick this weekend so I spent Superbowl Sunday in bed getting some sleep and missed the half-time commercials. I just found out that they aired a new trailer for The Avengers and it looks even more awesome than the first one. And it also looks like they’ve decided to give us a peek at the “surprise villain(s).”

It’s not the best, but it’s the clearest I could manage. While they never say them by name in the trailer, they certainly look like Skrulls to me. Despite the peek, it looks like Marvel still isn’t spilling the beans on the Skrulls. In fact it’s been noted that no box art is being revealed from the much anticipated Marvel Lego sets because they contain figures of the mystery foe(s). And with the release of all of the elf minifigs, the pointy-eared Skrulls are now definitely a possibility.

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