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Custom Heroscape Yoda


One of my favorite Star Wars characters gets the spotlight tonight.

Ah, Master Yoda – proof that size doesn’t matter. As I mentioned yesterday with Darth Vader, Yodajunkie did a masterful job with the lightsaber swirls on the background of the card. You’ll also notice that, like Vader, Yoda has the Lightsaber Deflect ability that comes standard with most force-users. Force Leap is a great movement bonus for Yoda. As he can only move three spaces normally, the Leap ability lets that move be up to 12 levels high, over obstacles, or over water. This harkens to his new trilogy character, especially the battle with the Emperor in Episode 3. Force Valor was a last minute addition to replace an ability that I couldn’t get to work. Yoda, to me anyway, was always a teacher more than a warrior. And what better way to represent that than with an inspirational power boost to his fellow Jedi. He may be slow to get into the heat of battle, but he can definitely hold his own against Dark Side powerhouses like Darth Vader.

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