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Custom Heroscape Kit Fisto


OK, tonight’s card is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars characters: Kit Fisto. Although he doesn’t get much screen time, and Lucas kills him off WAY to easily in Episode 3, he has some great moments in the comics and both animated series.

Kit Fisto is pretty bad-ass. In the early stages, he was a bit tougher, maybe too tough for his own good so I dropped and replaced a few abilities. As with Yoda and Vader, he has the Lightsaber Deflect ability and since his figure has dual lightsabers I also gave him Double Attack. Amphibious was also another that I felt needed to be there as he’s a Nautolan and spends most of his battles in the water. I was happy with those three abilities but after playtesting felt he needed a little something extra. Surprise Move was a big hit with another character that I wanted to bring into the other “sets” that I was creating. Kit Fisto seemed like a good choice for the ability. Despite his status as a second-tier character, he makes for an incredible leader on the battlefield.

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