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7 Favorite Movie Couples

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7. Holden McNeil & Alyssa Jones (Chasing Amy)

Considered by many critics to be an “impossible romance,” Holden and Alyssa’s love affair defied all odds (and logic) but made for a great romantic comedy.

6. Mr. Incredible & Elasti-Girl (The Incredibles)

Helen and Bob are living the dream – house, kids, and kicking ass as underground superheroes. The story may be aimed at kids, but the drama between these two is palpable when Helen suspects that Bob is having an affair.

5. Rachel Marron & Frank Farmer (The Bodyguard)

Sadly, we lost our beloved diva this week, but she leaves behind an incredible legacy of music and one of the greatest romantic films of all time. We will always love you…

4. Howl & Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Another cartoon romance? Yep. Sophie’s curse leads her into the service of the eccentric wizard, Howl, and only their love can break the spell that has kept both of them prisoner.

3. Sabrina Fairchild & Linus Larrabee (Sabrina)

Ah, Hepburn and Bogart – two  of my favorite actors from the silver screen. It was hard to narrow down which of Hepburn’s romantic films should be in the Top 7, but this one won out.

2. Edward Lewis & Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman)

A modern Cinderella, this is the movie that made me (and the world) fall in love with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

1. Han Solo & Princess Leia (Star Wars series)

It’s rare that Sci-Fi is synonymous with romance, but Han and Leia’s hot-n-cold romance has got to be one of my favorite sub-plots to the series. The scene at the end of The Empire Strikes Back when Leia tells Han she loves him and he responds, “I know,” is an iconic moment for me and proves that, even without the high-tech special effects, the original trilogy is still the best.

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