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7 Favorite Video Game Couples


7. Pacman & Ms. Pacman (Pac-Man series)

The first video game character and the first female video game character – a match made in Heaven, or Japan. After all, who doesn’t love a girl that swallows… pellets.

6. Tidus & Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Although I much preferred the sequel, FFX2, the romance between Yuna and Tidus first blossomed in the original version.

5. Mario & Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros. series)

Where else but a video game would a romance between a beautiful princess and a short, Italian plumber be possible?

4. Sora & Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora and Kairi may be young, but he gives her his heart (literally) to save her life.

3. Alen & Grenseal (Suikoden)

Most of you are probably thinking, “who the heck are these two?” But Alen and Grenseal are one of my favorite RPG couples. Though not an “official” cannon couple, most fans of the series classify them as one. And with a combo called “Pretty Boy Attack,” you can draw your own conclusions.

2. Cloud & Aeris (Final Fantasy 7)

The Romeo and Juliet of the video game set, this pair of doomed lovers have one of the most tear-jerking, romantic storylines of any game I’ve ever played.

1. Link & Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda series)

From boy to teenager (and back again), no matter his age, Link is destined to save Zelda from whatever fiend has captured her. And even in drag (as Sheik), Zelda still manages to find ways to keep Link chasing her.


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