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Bad (and a little good) Weekend


It’s been quite a week – I’ve been struggling to get over a cold and just when things are looking better I have the weekend from hell. I won’t bore with the mundane trials of my work week, but I was really looking forward the weekend to recoup. I ordered the 2012 Norton Antivirus which came Saturday and last night I installed it into my laptops. I have 2 – one for work and one for everything else. My work laptop is the newer of the two and I bought it this past summer when the other started having monitor issues. Anyway, my Norton was due to expire Saturday and rather than pay for the update on just my new laptop I decided to order the software from Amazon and install it on both of them (which was cheaper anyway). It installed fine on my newer laptop, but I had issues with the installation on the older model. I’m not sure what happened, neither is my more computer-literate brother, suffice to say it somehow managed to wipe-out my operating system and nearly every program that I had on it. It took me four hours to reinstall the OS and re-download many of the programs and I am still having issues with system security and the Microsoft word/works programs. So, for now I’m down to just one laptop for everything. Luckily, as anal as I am, I had almost everything backed-up somewhere.

Well, that’s the bad bit – there was a little twinkle of “good” news that popped-up while catching up on my blogs this morning:

Pics of the Lego Heroica: Ilrion surfaced from the NY Toy Fair on the Smashing Bricks site. Looks like there’s a few new microminis to be expected as well as a cyclopian bat. I am confused a bit by the board itself compared to the Lego site’s description of Ilrion that I posted a month back. Looks to be maybe an underground sewer system with valves to raise and lower water levels blocking the path? Well, whatever it is, it’s still on my must-have list for the summer along with any of the other Heroica sets (and possibly the Hobbit set hiding in the corner…).

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  1. 02/25/2012 9:56 PM

    Do you like this game? I’m not sure what it’s all about.

  2. 02/26/2012 11:25 AM

    You can read my reviews of the first series of the Heroica games if you look back through my blog if you’re looking for more info about it. I do like the game a lot – even though it’s aimed at a younger audience, we just make a few changes so that it’s more challenging for the adult set. My gaming group and I are thinking about making it a hardcore DnD-esque RPG with a Dungeon Master and everything.

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