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The best laid plans…


Well, game night is over for the month and it was, uh, an interesting evening. It was great to spend time with all of my friends, and we even added two new players for the night. That said, with two new players one of my friends went a bit overboard and decided that 500 point armies for 7 people sounded like a good idea ( all so that he could use all of the ninja characters). To counter his threat, another friend decided to to show off using his overpowered, custom Master Chief (or as we call it, Master Cheat) which turned it into a mish-mashed, anything goes battle. Which can be fun – but not while trying to teach people who’ve never played before.

One of the new guys wanted Hulk, really, really bad which he paired up with 2 squads of zombies. My typical strategy when teaching new players is to pre-draft 200 point armies and randomly draw them out of a hat so that everyone is starting on unfamiliar ground rather than with their favorites. So we decided to play in randomly selected pairs with me on the team of the newbies to offset their experience level. Things started, really slow – I let my friends build the board so the new guys could learn how to assemble it and it was (like the teams) a helter-skelter mess. A huge plot of lava heading into a swamp and a massive mountain surrounded by water with only one way around on one end and a massive plain of level snow to plod through on the other end. Possibly the toughest field I’ve ever battled on – and it would’ve been fun if it was either fewer players or smaller armies.

Luckily, I plan for events like this when I see a tricky board. I drafted Saylind, one of my favorites, who can fly and has a summoning ability to teleport in some back-up. She dragged slow-moving Grimnack into the midst of things to Chomp up a few of the samurai and zombies cluttering the field. I decided to throw in my custom Invisible Woman as well since she is the only figure to successfully evade Master Cheat and his super-moves. Sadly, two people left and hour into the game and the other three left after an angry call from the fiance. So, the game never had an official end – but I did learn that the one character Grimnack can’t swallow is the Incredible Hulk. Oh well, better luck next game.

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