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Invasion from Mars


This weekend, Disney’s blockbuster film John Carter hits theaters. For those who don’t know, John Carter and his series of books were created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, know more for his other half-naked creation – Tarzan. I never read the novels, something I’m trying to remedy, but I did read the Warlord of Mars comic series put out by Dynamite and the four-part crossover with Tarzan by Dark Horse. Carter looks a little over-dressed in the trailers, which is disappointing because Taylor Kitsch has an incredible body. I just hope they do Mr. Burrough’s character justice on the big screen.

Anyway, as a lead-in to the release of the film, I’m going to be posting a few pics of Mr. Carter that I’ve collected over the years. This weekend, I hope to post a review of the film as well so stay tuned. But for now, there’s this:

Barsoom (or as we on Earth know it, Mars) and its inhabitants

Compare the above with the Disney version below

The comic John Carter

All of the novel covers. I hear the film is pulling bits of them all together into one movie…

One of my favorite pics of John Carter out there.

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