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A Quickie Update


Sorry for the lack of posts lately but there’s been a lot on my plate. I had some great ones planned for April Fool’s Day as well as a review for the rest of the Hunger Games series and movie (which I may still write and post anyway). The week The Hunger Games hit theaters I sprained my ACL – quite painful, let me tell you. It was 2 weeks of torture, I’m just lucky it didn’t tear or I would have had to had surgical repair done on it. Following that I came down with the flu and was out of commission – I’m still recovering from that as I type. This week, my boss is on vacation and I’m pulling double duty. Plus my manager has me filling-in for some projects while another woman is away as well. And on top of everything, I’m trying to work on my next novel. It’s going well, just a little slower than I would have liked. To make writing time, I’ve cut out most of my other activities. Sadly that means my poor blog is going unattended. But don’t worry people, after next week I’ll be on stay-cation. I hope to finish up the last 2/3 of my novel and get things back to normal once more.

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