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Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon


I don’t know if anyone else out there has seen it yet, but if not, check out the new Ultimate Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD. When I saw the commercials the first time, I thought it looked pretty stupid. But after watching an episode with my nephew, I discovered it’s actually pretty decent. It’s Spider-Man done in the wacky, Teen Titans-anime style that I came to enjoy a few years ago. It takes place in the Ultimate universe rather than the core Marvel setting, giving them room to play with the characters and make them more appealing to a younger audience.

The premise is that Peter Parker, still a high school teenager, is recruited by Nick Fury to be trained by SHIELD, along with other young heroes, so he can learn to be an “Avenger” of tomorrow. Joining him are Power Man (Luke Cage), Iron Fist, White Tiger, and a new version of Nova. Together they battle a villain(s) of the week as they learn to use their powers properly and work together.

So far there have been only 4 episodes, but I’ve enjoyed each of them. Sunday’s most recent episode titled “Venom,” was quite…interesting. It revolved around Norman Osborne (the main villain) and Doc Ock stealing a sample of Spider-Man’s blood to replicate his powers. The resulting experiment created a hyper-aggressive symbiote that escaped into the sewer system of New York. Spider-Man and the others face off against “Venom” on the rooftop of Osborne’s penthouse.

For a children’s cartoon, there were a few “risque” scenes like Spider-Man’s blurred butt cheeks (which end up photographed and broadcast on national television.)

As well as a nearly-naked Iron Fist who is stripped down to his green undies after the fight with Venom. Not that I can complain too much – he’s still pretty hot for a cartoon character. Check it out in my first attempt at an animated gif:

“It’s a monk thing” is what he says when he sees the look of shock and/or awe on his teammates faces when they catch him in all his buff glory. Watch the episode and see it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Also coming in the future is a set from the Marvel Lego series featuring Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Doc Ock. Of the Marvel sets, it’s second on my list after the the Magneto-Deadpool-Wolverine set due out any day now.

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  1. savannah permalink
    05/31/2012 10:15 PM

    Shirtless iron fist looks hot!

  2. Gabby permalink
    07/23/2012 9:27 PM

    what episode is the shirtless iron fist from?

  3. Iron_Fist_looked_amazinggggg! permalink
    02/03/2013 3:43 PM

    HOT *drools* someone makes underwear look hawt ;D

    • 02/03/2013 5:17 PM

      Agreed! Check out a commission of him (in said undies) under the 100th Post Spectacular: Day 5 along with some of my other cartoon crushes.

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