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Rule 63 Day


For anyone who doesn’t know what “Rule 63” is, it’s the internet meme that states “for every fictional character, there is a counterpart of opposite gender (who’s usually way hotter than the original).” This is especially true for comic characters. In fact, DC has an entire gender-reversed universe called Earth-11. I find Rule 63 in comics fascinating, so much so that I’m dedicating a post to it.

The issue that started it all, Superman #349. Superman ends up in a gender-reversed
universe created by Myxie.

The gender-bent Justice League featuring Batwoman, Wonderman, female Flash, and
Black Condor. Check out Black Condor’s sexy costume – rawr.

Earth-11 came back in Superman/Batman. Meet Miss Miracle and Big Bard.

Wonderman of this universe is kinda creepy…

…but Aquawoman is SUPER hot.

Marvel even tried it in a promo of What of If? Wonder Woman and Power Girl – sounds familiar.

They did it again later with a female Ghost Rider.

Even Archie comics got into the gender swap game.

And, of course, cosplayers loooove Rule 63. This is the Genderbent Justice Leauge.
Superwoman, Batwoman, Plastic Woman, Wonder Warrior, and Power Boy.

Martian Manhuntress has got to be my favorite girl…

…but Power Boy’s costume (or lack of) takes the prize.

The GBJL boys don’t get nearly enough press. The Hunter, Vixun, Power Boy,
and Wonder Warrior.

Even the villains are sexy gender swapped. Jokeress and Harley, Dark Knight style.

The Marvel fans don’t seem to get as into it as the ones from DC,
but this is a pretty smokin’ version of Cap. Don’t know if the heels are
battle-ready, though…

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