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Star Sapphire Sunday


I love Star Sapphire, the Carol Ferris version especially. She’s one of my favorite DC female villains ever, second only to Poison Ivy. Yesterday, she made her television debut on Green Lantern, and to honor that first appearance, I thought I would do a post dedicated to her.

Here she is in all her CGI glory. The costume seems a little risque for a children’s show
but I do love it. On the show, Carol is given a Violet Ring by the Zamarons in an attempt to
overpower Hal Jordan’s willpower and imprison him.

Batman: Brave and the Bold, Star Sapphire. This is probably my least liked version
of her and her costume.

From the newest DC animated film, Justice League: Doom. I love the costume and the voice
actress, Olivia d’Abo.

From the Justice League animated series, this version of Star Sapphire had a
British accent for some reason.

There are also some pretty funny pics of Hal Jordan if he had obtained the
Violet Ring instead of Carol.

I, too, want that action figure – but for all the wrong reasons, hehe.

As a bonus, I thought I would post my custom Heroscape version of Star Sapphire. Flip back through the archives and see how she matches up to Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern.

My one regret for this card, and Sinestro’s, is that I  couldn’t figure out how to better include the Construct aspect into their cards. That aside, I think she’s great. Stealth Flying is pretty standard for the GL set. Violet Energy Shield is a power that I gave her to “mock” Hal’s Energy Shield Deflection, where as Hal is using his to protect others from attack, Star Sapphire is using her shield to save herself. To further add insult to Mr. Jordan is the Green Lantern Hatred ability. It gives her an additional 2 dice when attacking any Green Lantern, but also one further if that particular GL is Hal Jordan. She’s a great character to have on the battlefield, especially when teamed with the other GL villain, Sinesto.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed Star Sapphire Sunday. I know what you’re thinking: TWO posts in ONE day! I told you I would try to make up my previous lack of posting while I was on my stay-cation. Sadly, tomorrow I’m back to the grind of my old schedule. Hopefully, I can find a better balance of my time now that I’ve had some “me” time.

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