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Ultimate Spider-Man Tighty Whities


The writers of Ultimate Spider-Man are at it again in the new episode Sunday titled “Why I Hate Gym.” This time it wasn’t one of the Spider-Friends stripped down to their skivvies, it was Principal and undercover SHIELD man, Agent Coulson. If the name sounds familiar, you may remember him from the Iron Man Movies, Thor, and the upcoming Avengers film ( can’t wait!)

In this episode, Taskmaster is hired to find Spidey’s secret identity and goes undercover as the substitute gym teacher.  It seems Taskmaster also has a hate-on for Fury and any of his SHIELD agents, including Coulson. Spider-Man and White Tiger infiltrate the school and find him tied over a vat of acid in nothing but his undies. After soundly whooping Taskmaster, Peter asks Coulson about the tight briefs (not sure why) – his response: “I swim.” I think they have briefs and speedos confused.

This cartoon just keeps getting stranger, like it was developed by yaoi fangirls and slash fan-fic writers. FYI – the animated version of Agent Coulson is modeled after and voiced by Clark Gregg, the actor from the films. I wonder if he’s a tighty-whitey guy in real life.

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