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Aqualad Variant Action Figure


I was at a new Walmart (well, new to me – it’s the first time I’d been there) and hit pay-dirt while I was wandering through the toy aisle. You all know how much I love Young Justice, but I haven’t been actively collecting the figures. The only two I felt the need the buy so far are, of course, Superboy and Aqualad. So call me Mr. Surprised when I see that there is a variant  Aqualad figure exclusive to Walmart. What makes him different?

This is the regular version from series one that you can buy anywhere –

…and this is the Walmart exclusive version. Shirtless Kaldur’ahm! Is it wrong to
think a toy is sexy, hehe? Here’s a close-up I found on the web – mine is
obviously NRFB with the others.

Amazing toy, right? They had four in stock and I though about grabbing all of them and hitting eBay, but then thought I’d hate to be the ass that does that and keeps fangirls and gay fanboys from finding their own. So come on Target, where’s the exclusive shirtless Superboy action figure in response to this one!?!

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