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The Avengers Movie Review


MY SCORE: (A+) One word: Epic.

DO NOT READ THIS POST!!! If you are planning to see the movie and do not wish to know the plot, ending, or other spoilers that will ruin the film, then I repeat: DO NOT READ THIS POST! It’s one of the reasons that I posted the “My Score” first. If you’ve seen it and just wanna know my opinion or you just don’t care about the spoilers, then by all means read on.

Okay, first things, first – who is Loki’s much speculated army? They’re an alien race known as the Chitauri. Not familiar with them? I’m not surprised. They’re not a mainstream alien race, they actually come from the Ultimate universe (like the movie’s version of Nick Fury). So I was wrong about them being Skrulls, sort of – they are actually an off-shoot race from the Ultimate Skrulls. Well, whoever they are, they want the Cosmic Cube (referred to as the Tesseract throughout) and they are using a “resurrected” Loki to obtain it.

From the very start, there’s lots of action and it rarely lets up. Even in the slower moments, there’s so much dramatic tension that it keeps you on the edge of seat like the fight scenes. The action I expected, the constant laughs to keep things a little lighter, was not. But it really works. Big fight scene, little fun moment in the middle, then more fighting. Tony/Iron Man got all the best lines, but Hulk, and even Thor, manage to provide a few comic moments.

The worst moment for me: Agent Coulson’s death. He’s been a fixture of the Marvel movies since Iron Man and someone who’s appearance I’ve come to expect in each of them. I even posted about him a few days ago in another post. So who’s going to take his place? My guess is the newest movie addition, SHIELD agent Maria Hill. She’s pretty bad ass, but she’s no Coulson.

One of my favorite moments actually happens after the credits roll in the first “hidden scene.” In the ruins of the other realm, the Voice of the Chitauri tells his master that they underestimated the Humans and that the Earth is more dangerous than they assumed. I should have seen it coming sooner, the build-up for the next movie that they always have in the end sequence. Who could possibly be a foe worthy of the Avengers after such an awesome first film? How about Thanos? Oh, yeah, I said Thanos. So that means we’re talking Infinity Gems, Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and other things Infitity-ish in the Marvel movie future.


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