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Catching Up


I’d intended to take a short break, but I didn’t think it would be so long between posting. A co-worker went out for surgery the same week that my boss went on vacation, so I’ve been pulling triple duty at work once again. And over a holiday weekend no less! Well, bitching aside, I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do.

Lets start off with Glee – not a show I normally talk about on here, but with the all-important “Graduation” season finale I thought it deserved a bit of blog time. While the last three episodes didn’t pack quite the punch they had promised, I still generally enjoyed them. Especially the “Props” episode where Tina wishes she was given the chance to sing the solo ballad at Nationals instead of Rachel. After a conk on the noggin, she has a dream where she and Rachel have switched places along with every other character.

To my utter delight, Finn and Puck switched with Kurt and Blaine. Don’t they make the cutest couple?

Puck looks a bit odd without the mohawk, but doesn’t he look adorable in that bowtie? Sadly there are two sides to this coin and a very, very disturbing image that will haunt my nightmares for the foreseeable future: mohawk Blaine! Not even the hair-gel-less prom Blaine disturbed me as much as this.

And speaking of straight characters going a little “fruity,” did anyone catch the “Recipe for Disaster” episode of Thundercats? If not let me give you a summery: Lion-O has the hots for new Cat Pumyra who doesn’t feel the same about him. After trying with flowers and  flattery, he uses a pink “love potion” given to him by a hokum medicine man. Tygra drinks it by mistake and ends up prancing around in love with everything. He even calls Panthro a “silly goose.”

So it makes him flamboyant and almost feminine until the end of the episode. I’m surprised they didn’t give him a lisp as well. Anyway, that pink potion is pure gold to slash writers everywhere, I’m sure. Expect a flood of Tygra/Panthro/Lion-O potion-related stories to hit the web any day now.

And that seems like a good segue into another gay romance topic. Northstar proposing to Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #50. So Marvel’s first gay character is going to have another milestone as their first gay wedding!

Not the most romantic proposal ever, but still very sweet. This image has been posted all over the web, including major news networks. Seems the controversy of gay marriage extends to fictional couples as well. Anyway, I hope they get many happy years together, or more than most comic couples anyway. Here’s the cover of #51, due out soon.

Lastly, lets get caught up onYoung Justice Invasion. We’re into episode five now and A LOT has happened to make me change my opinion. I was worried we would be in for a ton of flashbacks – which I despise – but so far they’ve handled it  very well. Subtle hints are given through exposition bit by bit making it a delicious mystery to savor.

In episode two, we learn that Superboy dumped Miss Martian for some unknown reason, though there are hints that it’s connected to her reckless misuse of telepathy to gather intel. He also mentions that he’s not aging – explaining his appearance – a nod to the aftereffects of the “Meltdown” storyline in his old comic.

Later, in a heart-breaking scene, you discover that the over-eager Beast Boy is now an orphan – his mother killed by Queen Bee – and is looked after by his adoptive sister, Miss Martian. The monkey-version of him that I dislike so much seems to be a “disguise” he can turn on and off. Here you can see him in his normal form distracted by the thought of his mother’s death. I wish they would keep him like this all the time.

The next episode revealed  the missing 16 hours alluded to at the finale of Season One. Seems the JLA was sent to Rimbor to attack and make themselves known, but for what purpose has yet to be revealed. The six accused, plus Hawkman and Icon – acting as their lawyer- are off to face trial for their misdeeds. My guess is that the Light staged this because they wanted them out of the way while bigger plans are in motion.

We also discover what happened to Aqualad. Turns out that after Tula’s death and the revelation of his parentage, he turned to the Light. Can you guess which Aquaman baddie is his daddy?

That’s right – Black Manta! Shock and surprise – but I guess it makes sense. He fights the heroes, nearly killing Nightwing, and blows up the island base of the Kroloteans, also nearly killing Superman. Seems the Kroloteans were competition for the Light’s boss and their exposure and destruction were planned out from the beginning.

That leads us into the “Salvage” episode where Superboy and Blue Beetle take on a reanimated Apellaxian golem. The battle isn’t as big a shocker as the audience.

Sportsmaster and an unidentified “associate” watch the battle in the shadows from afar. Is this our first glimpse of Darkseid? With all the mention of Boom Tubes and Apokalypse tech in this episode, I think so.

The second story arc reveals the last of the missing YJ core members. Roy – the hottest ginger on the show – is a shadow of his former self. Obsessed with finding the original Speedy, he’s faced with an intervention from Green Arrow, Nightwing, Black Canary, Wally, and Jim Harper – also a clone – who wish to help him. Even after it’s revealed that he’s the only Roy they’ve ever known – having replaced Roy before meeting Green Arrow even – he still runs off.

It’s nice to finally see Wally. Seems he’s retired from the hero game, though why has yet to be revealed. And he’s also lost all of his freckles from Season One, too. Unless it was acne all along.

And as a surprise, at the very end of the episode, we see Artemis. Still with Wally, apparently also retired and living a normal life as a college student. They do make such a cute pair, don’t they?

And not to be forgotten, Roy has a surprise waiting for him at his rat-hole apartment, too. His wife Cheshire who he married at some point in the five-year gap, and a daughter he didn’t know existed.

Yesterday’s new episode had just as many twists and turns. And it started off with a nice round of shirtless Jamie (aka Blue Beetle).

Seems Jamie’s friend Tye Longshadow has disappeared without a trace. The prime suspect is his abusive step father, but he’s more interested in pirating DVDs than his missing stepson. After a trip to visit Tye’s grandfather, the retired tribal chief, he learns that there may be more to his friend than he’s aware. I really hope that this is the introduction of Apache Chief into the show. Here’s a snapshot, what do you think?

And he’s not the only missing teenager, either. When the all female Alpha Squad heads to Bealia, they discover Queen Bee has a bunch of runaways in storage for the “boss.” The girls think they’ve freed them all, but at the very end we see four new captures, one of them being Tye.

So who could they be? If Tye is Apache Chief does that mean they could be homages to past Superfriends characters? Is that Black Vulcan on the end? He looks more like Static to me, actually. And maybe the Wonder Twins in the middle? Or El Dorado and a female Samurai? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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