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Bloodlines and Depth


Well, the last two episodes of Young Justice: Invasion certainly gave me a lot to think about. Again, let me say, that I retract what I said in my original post about the new season. Every episode since the pilot has me chomping at the bit for the next one. And the past two weeks have been just as incredible.

Lets start with episode 6, Bloodlines. I knew from the promo the previous week that it was dealing with the Flashes (Barry and Wally), but what really surprised me was the appearance of Bart Allen – better known as Impulse.

It’s great to see the final original member of the Young Justice comic has finally made his grand appearance. I hope they throw us a bit of fan service and have an episode dedicated to Tim, Bart, and Conner – that would be totally crash! Also making an appearance is the rest of the Flash Family – including Jay, Iris, and Wally. PS – isn’t Barry a hottie out of costume?

There’s a new villain that’s out for Flash blood named Neutron. He’s a B-level character that I’ve never really seen in the comics, but he made for a great villain of the week. He’s not really in control of his actions – he’s actually being controlled by two shadowy, clicky-voiced characters who use the same future slang as Bart.  In the end, they manage to defeat him, with a little help from a mysterious orb from Bart, leaving him bare-bottom naked.

Turns out, he’s the person helping Bart in the intro trying to undo the apocalyptic future that’s destroyed Mt. Justice – and I’m sure much more of the world, too. Sadly, stopping him in the past didn’t have the desired effect. While Neutron is clearly depowered, the rest of the future remains unchanged.

This weeks episode, Depth, puts Artemis back in costume – only to have her be killed in the first few minutes.  The story flashes back to the beginning of events. Ferris Aircraft is launching an Earth-Mars communication satellite which has come under heavy fire from the media and anti-alien protestors like G. Gordon.

We’re also finally given the low down on the events that caused Conner and Miss Martian to break up. Seems Conner – upset over her use of telepathy to gain intel – discovered she was quietly manipulating his emotions to forget he was angry. You can see the pain on both of their faces as the events are brought to the surface again.

Anyway, seems Black Manta’s troops, led by Aqualad, were sent to destroy the satellite. Gamma Squad is sent to stop them and things turn out badly for the team. Lagoon Boy is kidnapped, Artemis is killed by Aqualad, and the rocket is destroyed.

But it’s all a ruse. Artemis’ death was faked and Aqualad is really an undercover agent trying to gain a position in the Light. The four conspirators (Nightwing, Aqualad, Artemis, and Wally) reveal their true intentions and Artemis is given a glamour charm to go undercover as well. Even the fellow Young Justice and JLA members are unaware of their actions. I can’t wait to see where this plotline goes.

As a last note on the episode, I love that we get to see Conner in the Superman costume when he and Miss Martian fill in for the absent Justice Leaguers at a press conference. Check it out – FYI, he’s being levitated by Miss M, not flying as I originally thought.

One last bit of news –  this is post #99. After my longer than expected absence due to illness, Tuesday will FINALLY be my 100th post! I’ve got five days of posts planned out, so stay tuned!

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