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100th Post Spectacular!!! – DAY TWO



So, does it still count even though this is technically the 101st post? Who cares – it’s day two of the Spectacular (roll the “R” like Jimbo Jones). The Superboy fan art was a big hit yesterday, so I’m hoping that you all are going to enjoy day two’s posting and it’s theme. Rather than ramble on about it and keep you in suspense here we go:

I’m not sure if I mentioned it not before, but I am addicted to the DC Universe Online game. I’ve been playing it since January, around the time they made it free, and it’s been a huge detriment to my productivity. Which really says something about the game because I’m usually not an MMO guy. Anyway, before we get into the fan art, let me introduce you to my characters.

Here they are in all their DCUO glory! My first character was actually (surprise) a mock Superboy. I used him for a while, but I got annoyed when people would come up to me for missions or complain because they thought I was an Admin.

My first “original” character is King of Shadows based originally in Metropolis and currently in Gotham. He’s a character I’ve played around with before and translated nicely into the game. He doesn’t have shadow powers because it’s not a skill option available (at the moment), but his black-violet hand blasts look like shadow blasts to me!

Chromatix is my on-going villain working out of Gotham City. I always love the bad girl, they’ve got it worse than the super-heroines. She’s super-strong with bulletproof metal-skin and super-agility. I love planting her under the overhangs of skyscrapers to get the drop on passing heroes (oops, I shouldn’t have said that!)

Last is my newest character, Psyfire. He’s a psychic Tamaranean (Starfire’s race), inspired by my addiction to Red Hood and the Outlaws.  I’ve always wondered if male Tamaraneans are as sexy as the females…I’ll let you be the judge.


Ladies first, I suppose. Here is a nifty B&W sketch done by eudetenis.
She’s the first to translate any of them to comic styling.

She also did an amazing shot of King of Shadows.
I love the angles she used to pose them – so action-rific!

Remember the two amazing Superboys from BokuRaC yesterday?
Well, she also did my three DCUO characters:
An unusually hesitant Psyfire…

…a serious King of Shadows…

…and a sultry Chromatix.

Here’s Psyfire proving that Tamaranean guys are as sexy as the girls.
An amazing piece from the king of hot boys, Hokane.

Bald isn’t beautiful? Tell that to Chromatix – she’ll rip your spine out.
This busty version was created by infinitesilence.

Not to be outdone, the boys strip-off after a late night of crime-fighting.
Guest starring Superboy! Masterfully done by the master herself, Lolita Rage Machine.

Words…fail…hehe. And, yes, King of Shadows is blonde!
People always assume that shadow powers = black hair.

So, that’s two days down! There’s actually going to be an extra post tomorrow – not part of the 100th post thing, more a bonus. I hope you enjoyed my DCUO characters – if you’re a fan let me know. I don’t belong to any teams/guilds yet, but I’m a fan of the super-team-ups! Stay tuned. Same Geek time, same Geek channel!

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