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100th Post Spectacular!!! Day 3


Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! Day 3 is here and I’m sad to say, glad that this event is half over. I had a bit of a surprise this morning and had to make some last minute adjustments to the post for today. To summarize, today’s post was originally planned for Day 5 and got bumped up a few notches until this fiasco gets resolved. As such, I may have to come up with an extra post until things get sorted out.

Anyway, no sad faces. Today’s post is going to be just as good – if not better – than the original! It was last because its the best (kidding they are all great!). Some of these faces you my recognize from earlier posts or in my DA gallery or, in some cases, when I originally created them years ago! So, without further ado:

It’s hard to decide what to post first today. I think up first I’ll post my series of “Fakemon” (Fake Pokemon) that I created waaaaaay back when Ruby & Sapphire came out. My friends Josh and Fred and I played it constantly and I ended up creating a Pokemon for each of us based on our likes and personality. Sadly, the third one didn’t get finished in time for the post, the artist: PequedarkVelvet is so popular he’s got his plate full! You can see my craptacular sketches here and his wonderful interpretations of them below.

Up first is Fred’s character:
Chargchimp (Electric)

Chargchimp evolves into:
Orangutazer (Electric)

Orangutazer evolves into:
Zape (Electric)

Next is my character:
Kupitty (Normal)

Kupitty evolves into:
Seriphynx (Dark)

Seriphynx evolves into:
Angelicat (Dark)

If you recognize the next character: Congratulations! You are a true
fan of my blog! This is Reverb, you might remember him from this
post done almost a year ago. This is a much better rendition of him
done by the amazing NateJ25.

He’s pretty awesome, right? Well, if Reverb is first, they you can guess
who’s up next: Soundburn! It took a lot of searching for the right artist
to bring him to life, but I finally found ZeroMayhem. He is the
Master of all things Transformer. I asked specifically for 80s style
and he looks right outta the old cartoon series!

Well, that’s it for Day 3’s post. I hope you enjoyed these amazing pieces – they are some of my favorite because I’ve had these characters in my head for years now and it’s great seeing them in their full glory. Stay tuned for the next post, it’s going to be another surprise – for both of us!

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