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100th Post Spectacular!!! – Day 4


Three incredible days down – two to go. Yesterday was the most successful day yet!

Be warned: before you go any farther, the post for tonight is a little risque. It’s not NSFW, but there’s lots of near-nakedness going on tonight. If you’re offended by the sight of hot guys, or it’s not your cup of tea, then you should probably skip over the post tonight. Without further ado, tonight’s theme is:

One of my favorite games ever has been The Sims. I’ve been playing since the original and have nearly every expansion made. In fact, I just saw tonight that this September, Sims 3: Supernatural is going to be released. Aside from the option to be a witch/wizard, there are going to be playable werewolves and swarms of zombies! Can’t wait!

Anyway, tonight is about my 4 Sims characters. I’ve been playing them for years in one form or another, but my current incarnation of them is by far my favorite. Let me make some introductions:

First, is Alex and Conner. Alex works as a journalist, is a hobby painter, and loves to swim. His boyfriend, Conner, is a fireman who plays softball on the weekends and enjoys comic books and cooking. Aren’t they a cute couple? Drake is in the middle. He’s Conner and Alex’s best friend. He works as a photographer with Alex and plays soccer in his free time. On the end is Rex. He doesn’t work, is a kleptomaniac, and frequents night clubs where he rules the dance floor. There’s also a female character named Kelly who works with Conner but didn’t make the cut for the posts.

I hired two commissioners and gave them free reign to interpret my boys as they wanted with only the “theme” as a restriction. Both series turned out great, if a little risque. Up first is a set by a great artist you saw two days ago, Hokane.

Hokane’s theme was “Sporty Boys.” Portraying each of the four
in their favorite sports. Here’s what I got:

Enjoying the view? Then continue down for the full figures.

Swimmer Alex

Softball Conner

Soccer Drake

Jogging  Rex

The next artist is TheArtofRichie. His theme was “iPhone guys.”
He did a great job, though you can see the model inspiration is a few of them.

It’s funny seeing a more realistic version after years of
only seeing them in their pixelated form. If you wanna
see the full view, keep scrolling down.

Alex with iPhone

Conner with iPhone

Drake with iPhone

Rex with iPhone

Well, if you’re reading this, then you ignored my warning about the risque post and kept scrolling down. I hope you enjoyed seeing my Sims boys as much as I did that first time. Tomorrow is still up in the air, I’m not sure what I’m going to be posting for Day 5 yet. But don’t worry, there will definitely be one. So stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of this amazing event.

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