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100th Post Spectacular!!! – Day 5


Last day of the 100th Post Spectacular!!! It’s been a fun 5 days, but I’m exhausted. There’s a lot going on at work, I’m pretty much running three departments on my own because of vacations and medical leave.

Anyway, the previously mentioned fiasco is not yet over, but I’ve made some modifications so that I can post as I had planned. Well, after all the to-do, what’s today’s theme? Well, like yesterday, be forewarned. The post is a little risque, but judging from the nearly DOUBLED views compared to the other days, I’d say that you didn’t care. Here we go:

One of my favorite cartoons playing has to be Young Justice.
There’s a lot of eye candy, not least of which is the team leader: Aqualad.

Sadly, I had to edit the pictures to make is post-able for my blog. If you wanna see him
or any of the other guys uncensored, check out darian821.

While we’re on the edited pics, lets head over to Third Earth
for a peek at the new Tygra. Me-Yowza!

Next is a really hot guy: Mako, the firebender
from Legend of Korra.

Lets head back to Happy Harbor and take a peek at one of the new
YJ hotties: Jaime, the Blue Beetle.

You may not recognize the next guy, he’s only been in one episode and
only had about 1 minute of air time. Check out Tye Longshadow,
Jaime’s bff and the (apparent) new Apache Chief.

Best for last, I suppose. This guy’s been my obsession since the “Venom” episode of
Ultimate Spider-Man: Iron Fist in his “it’s a monk thing” undies.

I hope you enjoyed the post  – darian821 is a great artist, too bad Y! Gallery won’t let me post the artwork I bought from him for this post. There’s currently a controversy over the rights to post commissioned artwork on the site. I don’t wanna get into it here, but I may end up creating a Tumblr so that I can link to the NSFW pictures.

It’s been a fun, if stressful, week of posts. I hope you all enjoyed it – thanks to my new and old followers alike!

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