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Pokemon: Cyan & Magenta


If you remember back into my 100th Post Spectacular, I posted some of my original Pokemon creations (or Fakemon, as they call them). If you’ll recall, I mentioned that I had created 3 original characters (and their evolution forms) – one for each of my friends – but only posted two because the third hadn’t been completed. Well, since that post, I’ve had Pequedark Velvet do the third as well as a few others for my OC Pokemon “games” titled Pokemon: Cyan & Magenta.

“Welcome to the Konshima Region, where the Scarletta Volcano has become active and threatens to destroy all life in the islands. Dr. Tracket, your father, has created a device to stop the volcano from erupting, but he’s suddenly disappeared. Now you, as a young Pokemon Trainer, must set out to rescue your kidnapped father, stop the volcano, and save the Region from destruction. Along the way you’ll have to defeat a group of sky-pirates named The Cloud Crew and a group of sub-pirates named Bottom Dwellers, both of which want to turn the volcano into a weapon to control the Konshima Region.”

Here are a few of the Pokemon that you’ll encounter on your journey:

Teddikinetic (Pyschic)

Teddikinetic evolves into:
Mediteddy (Psychic)

Mediteddy evolves into:
Psybear (Psychic)

You might also encounter:

Hachit (Ground)

Hachit evolves into:
Digrowl (Ground)

There’s a chance you might see the rare:

Nozeel (Water)

But you’ll definitely come across:

Crimsong (Flying)

Crimsong evolves into:
Rubyrd (Flying)

Rubyrd evolves into:
Scarleete (Flying)

So those are the Pokemon you’ll find across the Konshima Region. There are more I have planned to do in the future, and I’m always open to suggestions for new ones! I’ll leave you now with my OC Pokemon: Cyan/Magenta character, Miles Tracket, and his poke-partner, Eros, done by the amazing BokuRaC.


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