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Alpha and the old Stormwatch


There are so many comics out there that I wanna read, but can’t afford to buy, so my friends and I get together once a week to share our “haul” and partake in the comic-y goodness. My most recent order hasn’t arrived, but I read a few of this weeks new issues a friend picked-up at the LCS. Let me start by asking: does anyone else hate Alpha as much as me?

If you’re not sure who he is, don’t worry. He was just introduced as Spider-Man’s new “sidekick.” And he is a total douche, as referenced in the panels below:

And I thought that Quentin Quire was an obnoxious punk. Well, he is, but it’s part of 2Q’s charm – Alpha I just wanna see crash and burn. It was funny seeing Ben get so upset with him for stealing his “clobberin’ time” line, but it was one of the few bright spots of the issue.

On the flip-side is I, Vampire #12, which was great. I only recently started reading it and I plan to pick up TPB when it comes out in a few weeks. This month, the book ties into Stomwatch, which as  you faithful followers know, I hated since the reboot. How sad is it that the book’s own writers don’t treat them as well as when they guest star in another series? I was so pleased to see glimpses of the “old” Stormwatch. Here are a few panels I just had to share:

I agree, Midnighter – but I would think it’s like looking into the sun for too long, you’ll go blind.

“I found a way to kill them! I can just let them eat me.” – Oh, Apollo…

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  1. 08/26/2012 12:11 PM

    The integration of the Wildstorm world into the DC universe has a great potential, in my opinion. The Wildstorm world has a lot of intriguing superheroes and villains who never met the DC ones, so their union is a potential goldmine of brand new stories. At present it’s not working, though: Voodoo closed, Grifter is about to close, and Stormwatch sells quite well, but is boring as all hell. I hope the potential I see will be expressed in the upcoming Team 7.

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