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YJ Satisfaction


Yeah! After a very, very, VERY  long wait, Young justice is back to continue the second season. Beware that if you continue, there will be spoilers and if you didn’t see the episode, you should skip reading the rest of this post.
Well, let me start by saying that “Satisfaction” is the perfect name for the episode. I think more in that it was good to see a new episode than actually getting any real answers. As I’d hoped, we finally get to see the original Roy and find out how he ended up as the Light’s lab rat on ice for eight years. We also get to see a heartbroken Ollie, completely dismayed by the fate of his sidekicks and his disappointing role as a mentor.

After escaping the hospital, original Roy heads to Metropolis for revenge against Lex Luthor, the man who took his arm and locked him away in cold storage. This leads to a fight in the underground parking garage between Roy and Mercy Graves.

It was a great fight scene. And Roy shows how badass he is taking her on with one arm. No wonder Lex chose him to make a clone army – he’s the Jango Fett of the Young Justice universe. After beating her, he goes after Luthor and is caught in a standoff until he’s given a robotic arm and decides to change his name to Arsenal.

There’s also a little nod to fans of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies – the head of LexCorp security is named Otis, the goofy sidekick played by Ned Beatty in 1 & 2.

In another storyline, the remaining YJ members are still in morning over the death of Artemis. It shows the Grotto, a memorial for the fallen heroes. Among those shown are Artemis (of course) and Tula, who’s death was mentioned in “Depth.” But surprisingly there’s also a hologram of Blue Beetle and, even more exciting,…

…Jason Todd’s Robin! I really, really can’t wait to see him. And with the appearance of Asenal and earlier news that Starfire will be joining the cast this season, will we see a little nod to Red Hood and the Outlaws?

And the heroes aren’t the only ones morning Artemis’s death, her villainous relatives Cheshire Cat and Sportsmaster are out for revenge against Aqualad and his father, Black Manta.

There’s also the bridal shower for Rocket, though it never reveals her beau. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in the series, that they’ve shown as yet, other than a New Year’s kiss with Aqualad. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. During the bridal shower, Captain Cold attacks an armored car and the girls rush to fight him.

Rocket’s bridal shower also happens to be the same day as Conner’s “birthday.” Sadly, due to the current events, no one but Wendy remembers. Poor Conner, you’ve been getting the shaft in comics since the reboot and now the cartoon series, too. Well, it seems she’s being used a possible romantic replacement for Miss Martian, so maybe things won’t be so bad for him after all.

I can’t wait for the next episode. And I’m especially anxious for the reveal of the Light’s mystery partner and the fate of Lonshadow and the other kidnapped kids. There are theories and guesses, but I still want to see it all myself.




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